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Expert Knowledge

C² Safety employs professionals with the skills to succeed; we develop safety policies to ensure you are successful in a safe environment.

Innovative Ideas

Building on your health and safety requirements, C² Safety's creative approach incorporates your company’s values into respected practices.

Respected Leaders

C² Safety establishes roles and responsibilities that elevate your employees into leaders in health and safety.

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(Instructor-led training available)

Workplace Violence & Harassment: e-learning
$35.00 per person

(Instructor-led training available)

Electrical Safety Essentials: e-learning
$45.00 per person

(Instructor-led training available)

Warehouse Safety:
e-learning (Package)
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(Instructor-led training available)

Advance and expand your impact.

Education Courses

about us
Professional Services
C² Safety has been providing health and safety services throughout Canada and the United States since 2005.

Our clients include major international construction contractors, transportation companies, aggregate processing firms and chemical processing plants.   We pride ourselves in delivering friendly interactions with union and non-union personnel.  We believe in working as a team and encourage an open dialogue.

C² Safety  provides services that include monthly plant/site audits and inspections, health and safety training, developing health and safety documentation and assisting our clients achieve COR™ 2020 certification.

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    our mission
    Superior Satisfaction

    In order to achieve your ultimate goal of a safe workplace          C² Safety must first listen to your needs and understand your company’s core values. Our client dedication sets us apart from other generic consultants. We ensure you are never treated as just another number.

    • Interview your employees
    • Listen to you
    • Learn about your company
    Our Services
    We offer a wide range of services

    C² Safety provides exceptional and unparalleled service to you through listening, learning and watching how your team operates.

    Consulting and Development
    C² Safety assists with all aspects of Health and Safety Services. We attend safety meetings and provide professional guidance on OHSA regulation requirements. We conduct monthly observations and reporting of all work areas to ensure physical conditions and behavioural conformance are being administered. We update or create new policies and procedures. We assist your Joint Health & Safety Committee.
    Investigations and Prevention
    Our C² Safety team conducts incident and/or accident investigations, determine the causes and develop recommendations to prevent future occurrences. We will review corrective actions for non-conformance with site management in accordance with company policies, applicable regulations, and best practices. We assist in the creation, tracking and review of workplace incidents reporting data.
    Training and Communication
    C² Safety develops and facilitates health and safety awareness training. We provide online learning and instructor-led training. C² Safety assess worker orientation to review safety programs and procedures. We offer coaching on how to provide effective toolbox talks and safety meetings. C² Safety provides digital safety management forms that assist companies to streamline their operations.
    First Aid
    C² Safety offers a comprehensive two-day course offering first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills for those who need training due to work requirements or who want more knowledge to respond to emergencies at home. Our course meets legislation requirements for provincial/territorial worker safety and insurance boards and includes the latest first aid and CPR guidelines.
    Covid Response Plan
    This guide will help you use current public health and workplace health and safety information to develop a plan and put controls into place to help make the workplace safer for everyone.<br /> All businesses that are operating must have a written safety plan by law. The plan must be made available to anyone who asks to see it and posted in a place where it will be seen easily.
    C² Safety examines the effectiveness of Health & Safety programs and procedures through site visits, work observations and spot assessments, provide coaching, information transfer and training opportunities. We strengthen compliance with legislative regulatory requirements, targets, and procedures through work site verification audits. We act as a point of contact for workplace incident investigations, auditing and reporting. We assist management with addressing and resolving employee safety concerns and work refusals.
    COR 2020
    The Certificate of Recognition (COR™) program is a health and safety management system which is often required for contracts with both public and private sector construction projects in Ontario. For example, some municipalities expect their contractors to be registered with the COR™ program in order for them to qualify for bidding purposes.<br /> C² Safety will review documentation that supports the evidence of an organizations H&S management system. We will conduct a gap analysis using the IHSA COR™ 2020 audit tool.
    Safety Management Software
    It’s difficult to maintain a safe workplace using paper or inadequate software. SiteDocs Safety Management Software helps companies streamline operations with digital forms, ensure compliance with real-time monitoring, and reduce injuries with advanced analytics. This makes safety compliance easier for everyone, saving time, money, and lives. C² Safety offers this paperless safety management software so that managing safety compliance is easier, faster, and better. Our goal as your safety consultant is to help you run an efficient safety program.
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    Latest News

    Our executives are at the forefront of up and coming health and safety practices. By researching current and future trends; we are able to share our knowledge with you.